There is a little hotel in Oaxaca, where the Pacific carves the sand drawing a moon, where the waves sound like a beating heart, where you can dive into the gentle ocean, stroll the jungle paths, gaze into the starlit sky and find peace of mind, body and SOUL

Hotel Bahía de la Luna is the place

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    “Se trata de una playa pequeña, de origen coralino, algo excepcional en la costa del Pacífico. Su arena tiene un bello color crema, y le da a las aguas un tono azul inusualmente cristalino. ¡Descálzate ya!”

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    “(Hotel Bahía de la Luna) an incredibly relaxed (and relaxing) place –not just the hotel, but entire coastal region– and he spent most of his time reading on the beach.”

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    “Very few people know about this place, not even the locals. The isolated, half-moon bay, hedged by mountains and wild vegetation, is one of the most gorgeous spots on the coast.”

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    Imagina que estás en una pequeña y recóndita cala encantadora, cerca de la naturaleza, pero protegido en un justo simple pero encantador búngalo en la playa.”

  • Mexico desconocido - Bahía de la Luna
  • Budget travel - Bahía de la Luna
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  • Tripadvisor - Bahía de la luna


With exotic mezclas and fresh products; la cena is always a sorpresa

Oaxaca Cocina Food Restaurant

Shrimp cooked with the

chef's special sauce

Oaxaca Cocina Food Restaurant

Oaxacan chocolate grenache

bathed in mezcal

Oaxaca Cocina Food Restaurant

Green apple daiquiri

with albahaca

CTA -Oaxaca Cocina Food Restaurant

hotel in Oaxaca - La boquilla Naturaleza

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Hotel Bahía in La Costa Chica, Oaxaca

Bahía at la Costa Chica, Oaxaca


Playa La Boquilla 70900

Pochutla, Oaxaca, México

From México (958) 589 5020

International +52 (958) 589 5020